Hanna M. Kebbede

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I heard your interview on EBS Helen show I have to say it help me very well. 

- S.M.K. Norway

We can talk about emotional trauma and mental illness in abstract, third-party terms, but rarely as something that happened to us.  Thank you for doing that. I am sure it will help all of us and the community.

- N.A.R. USA

TAASTTA  has very good tools to use as weapon for emotional well being. I'm one of them that need those weapons. Thank you and God bless you!  

- D.A. USA

TAASTTA workshop increased my awareness and I learned how to treat my life and my family.

- A.M. Israel​

TAASTTA workshop gives you a sense of awareness. Very impressive, educational and explanatory. I would recommend the TAASTTA workshop to anyone.

- C. Israel

በጣም የሚያበረታታና በጣም ጠቃሚ የሆነ ትምህርት ነው። በግሌ ስልጠና ወስጄ ሌሎችን ብረዳ በጣም ፍላጎት አለኝ፤ በጣም ለኛ ህብረተሰብ ጠቃሚ ሆኖ አግኝቸዋለሁ።

- ቤአ ከእስራኤል