Hanna M. Kebbede

Hanna Kebbede created TAASTTA after a long period of grappling  with inner conflict. What led to finding joy and fulfillment was  practicing mindfulness and meditation. She found that art was a means to connect with the Divine as a spiritual being as she uses her intuition.

In her efforts to be informed about mental wellness she learned from Dr. Bessel van Der Kolk, Dr. Peter Levine and other pioneers in this space, that her approach of using creativity was an effective way to reset the brain.

Hanna created TAASTTA.to empower those who wrestle with emotional turbulence. She developed content focused on mind-body wellness.

Hanna has delivered live workshops to different groups who experienced an awakening and nurturing values of the TAASTTA approach. 

Hanna plans to expand TAASTTA to a large global audience and appreciates any donation to support the nonprofit.

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I heard your interview on EBS Helen show I have to say it help me very well. 

- S.M.K. Norway

We can talk about emotional trauma and mental illness in abstract, third-party terms, but rarely as something that happened to us.  Thank you for doing that. I am sure it will help all of us and the community.

- N.A.R. USA

TAASTTA  has very good tools to use as weapon for emotional well being. I'm one of them that need those weapons. Thank you and God bless you!  

- D.A. USA

TAASTTA workshop increased my awareness and I learned how to treat my life and my family.

- A.M. Israel​

TAASTTA workshop gives you a sense of awareness. Very impressive, educational and explanatory. I would recommend the TAASTTA workshop to anyone.

- C. Israel

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