I am but only one of the many who survived the adversity of renegade governments, militant political factions, fanatics, mercenaries and opportunists who squelched human rights and caused communities to flee by night through borders across deserts and high seas to become refugees in foreign lands.

A survivor who journeyed for decades with guilt and self-recrimination only because I lived. I journeyed with self-loathing in my newfound home in a foreign land to realize my self and to find a small niche where I could build a life. I struggled to break free from social isolation and mental torment and from being voiceless and helpless, in a society where I am marginalized and invisible.

There are voices of thousands from Albania, Armenia, Burundi, Bosnia, Chile, Congo, Croatia, Cuba, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Haiti, Kampuchea, Kosovo, Liberia, Palestine, Rwanda, Sri Lanka, Syria, Uganda, Vietnam and many more places I could neither spell nor pronounce, who left behind their dead siblings unburied, or dead parents unmourned. I am the one who moved forward determined to make a life so that one day I could become one with the Eternal Voice.

I am the voice from beyond the material realm, the Spirit that has risen from the dead, who has revived and grasped the sweet honey of life and is now an embodiment of living in Grace. I am the voice of hundreds and thousands of immigrants, illegal and unprotected by law, who are abused by employers, wrenching in their sleep confused with depression, post traumatic stress disorder from isolation and helplessness.

I am the voice of Spirit abiding in every home with each individual whose worries at night and by day entail how families have been torn asunder like the peas from a pod blown by the great wind across the fields.

One who desires all children of the universe to heal, all people to love one another, live in peace, prosper in harmony and rise to their manifest destiny.

A world of peace and justice and a human community elevated to the highest level of Divinity.


There are many diaspora populations in the world: the African diaspora, with populations in the Caribbean, North and South America, and Europe; the Chinese diaspora, from Indonesia and Malaysia to Cuba and the United States and Canada; the Jewish diaspora, from eastern Europe and Spain across all of Europe, to South Africa and North America with historical enclaves in India and China; and so on for numerous national and cultural groups. In some instances these groups maintain a strong sense of collective identity in spite of the physical and social distances that separate various sub-populations, and in some instances the strands of identity have attenuated significantly.

-- Daniel Little


The Karen Organization of Minnesota - provides support to Burmese refugees in Minnesota and beyond

Lutheran Services Carolinas - refugee and immigrant resettlement and services in North & South Carolina

Refugee Services of Texas - support and services for refugees and other displaced individuals in Texas

Jewish Family & Community Services, East Bay - provides support for immigrants and refugees in the San Francisco Bay Area, primarily in areas of legal, resettlement, or LGBT needs

Refugee Support Network - provides support and educational resources for young refugees and displaced individuals in the United Kingdom

Diaspora Community Services - provides support to low income residents, immigrants, and the chronically ill in the New York City area

Opening Doors - resources and support for immigrants, refugees, and human trafficking survivors in the Sacramento area, including economic, educational, legal, and counseling services