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When I was in third grade I had an English teacher, Mrs. Khalil who one fine morning gave me twenty lashes with a metal edged ruler on my knuckles for misspelling one word, 'elephant.' Based on that single experience I had a limiting belief, that not even one mistake was allowed. I spent so much energy throughout my life judging that one thing that was not perfect and disregarded all the 99 things I was doing well/good/right.

I now give myself permission to make a new decision all the time. David Bayer author of MINDHACK tells us that limiting beliefs are really limiting decisions. These limiting beliefs/decisions were made early on in life based on a child's interpretation of a life experience or milestone The good news is that we can always make a new decision, but first we must be aware of these limiting beliefs/decisions, then give ourselves the permission to make a new decision and from then we must be consistent in practicing the new decision for the brain to make the transformation in our daily thoughts and responses. Overtime, I learned that I had to allow making mistakes in order to move forward and once I gave myself permission to make a new decision to look at mistakes as learning opportunities, I was no longer paralyzed by fear of failure and I was able to move forward with sustained energy. I hope you are not limiting yourself with your beliefs/decisions and if you are it is reversible as of this very moment.

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